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NREUV focuses on three core lines of business Real Estate Advisory, Fee Development and Construction Services.  As an owner and Developer of Real Estate, NREUV has core strengths that include financial analysis, securing project financing, managing the design and construction phases of your development.  What better real estate advisor than one who practices development every day.


Northern Real Estate Urban Ventures, LLC is a community development organization that is engaged in a holistic approach to real-estate development in low-income communities.  We are able to develop real estate projects utilizing a human-centered approach.  We work with local businesses to help grow them, we work with local residents to create economic empowerment opportunities, all while performing real estate development activities with a high-level of execution expertise.  We make real community connections through providing education around real estate development and entrepreneurship and through hiring people and businesses to work on our projects.

Working in Communities, Building the Future


We assist our Clients in maintaining their project vision and controlling their own destiny in two distinct ways.  We provide Technical Assistance and Training through our real estate advisory practice.  We help Client’s create systems and processes that allows them to focus on developing their core business while we develop their real estate business model.

NREUV can provide this level of expertise because it practices real estate development for its own account every day.

    • NREUV provides real estate advisory services for non-profits, government agencies, investors and both private and institutional developers. Our advisory services include: Financial Modeling, Financial Feasibility, Development Strategy, Development Team Formulation, Development Team Selection and Contract Negotiation, Deal Structuring, Owner’s Representative, Development Consulting.


    • NREUV specializes in providing these organizations with development capacity, generally on a temporary basis. This entails providing all services under the Real Estate Advisory Service model but on a more global basis or on a dedicated project basis. Our Development Management service includes managing an individual project or managing a portfolio of projects.


    • Construction Services are provided under the NREUV Contracting brand. NREUV provides construction management, FFE, flooring material and installation, HVAC/Plumbing supplies and project labor.


    • NREUV also participates as a development partner in a variety of partnerships. NREUV’s capabilities includes development planning, structuring financing and overall transaction execution thereby adding measureable value to any project partnership.


    • NREUV can structure the financing of your project by setting up a financial model that can be used to secure loans, institutional equity, tax credit equity and any other available sources including new market tax credits.

    Financial Modeling

    • An affiliate of NREUV, is an economic inclusion program that includes workforce and small, WBE, MBE, Section 3 business preparation program that assist public agencies and private developers maximize the most valuable asset we have -- Community Capital.

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