Northern Real Estate Urban Ventures, LLC, an award-winning community development organization, champions innovation, equity, and a comprehensive approach to real estate development in low-income communities. With a focus on innovation and quality, we’ve managed $2 billion worth of projects, prioritizing economic empowerment and fostering real community connections through education and strategic partnerships.

Led by Dr. Gina Merritt, boasting over 27 years of project execution experience, NREUV is a full-service development company managing projects valued at over $580M. Our expertise extends across a spectrum of complex, multi-layered transactions, including the development of over 8,000 units of multifamily housing and 600,000 square feet of mixed-use spaces. Recognized for our excellence, we’ve garnered numerous awards for our transformative projects across Cleveland, OH, Baltimore, MD, Prince George’s County, MD, and Washington, DC.

Engaged in a holistic approach, NREUV utilizes a human-centered philosophy to develop real estate projects. We collaborate with local businesses and residents, facilitating economic empowerment opportunities while executing projects with meticulous expertise. Through education and entrepreneurship programs, we forge lasting community connections, nurturing sustainable growth and resilience.

Having developed thousands of units across public and private projects, NREUV now embarks on independent endeavors, with millions of dollars’ worth of development in the pipeline. This expansion underscores our commitment to driving positive change and fostering inclusive, vibrant communities through strategic, development-driven initiatives.